Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A: Hey! Prom's in 1 week time... Aren't you excited? Have you bought everything yet?

B: Yup..I've got my dress. It's a long white toga dress and I've bought my shoes and accessories and stuff.But, I don't feel excited though...

A: Why? It's prom...

B: So? I don't have a partner.

A: Then go find one. Ask someone. Why don't you ask that one?

B: Er...ask someone? The only person I'll ask is that one...But he already has a date. And if I snatch him from his date, the whole school will know and I will be known as 'The Prom Date Snatcher'. And I don't want that to happen ...I want to graduate from high school with a 'clean' name.

A: O right...He sang to that girl during assembly....How romantic...(aw...)So you're going single?

B: Yes. What's wrong with going single? I don't mind...(said in a cool fashion. but actually deep inside' I WANT a prom date! I don't want to go alone~T_T)

A: err...okay then. But it's your senior year. It sucks going single... Why don't you ask your bro's friend?

B: Didn't I say so that I will not ask anyone except that one. Well.. unless my bro's friend asks me within this week...I'm not going to ask anyone...(even though I kinda want someone) But then we won't have anything to talk about except



And so, the conversation goes on and will continue till prom is over I guess. Does it really matter id I have a prom date or not? Well I guess for guys, it's kinda shameful because people will assume that no girl wants to go with you or you got rejected. But for girls, we can just hang our with our girlfriends and dance to Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies"... Who knows maybe he will ask me to dance with him on that day itself, when he sees me all glamored up.

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