Friday, May 6, 2011


Who invented numbers??

Having my external papers now and I'm trying to cram all the info in my head. Why? Because I want that, those 7s...I want that 40 (or more than 40 also can...) And why do I want those 7 s or 40? Because my future depends on it... well...okay...the uni that I want to go requires me to have it... I might sound a bit narrow-minded, saying that my future depends on the numbers but it is kin
d of true. At least now I think it's true. Have been doing IB for nearly 2 years and its down to this. I have
to get those 7s or else all my effort spent on staying-up-late, no-korean-drama....all of those will be wasted. Including the time I spent on my EE....noooo...

It's kind of ironic how we, humans, invent numbers and then are manipulated by it. You have to get at least 2100 in order to fulfill the basic requirements, some unis require you to have at least 118 for TOE
FL (the total's 120 btw) in order to prove that you're proficient in English...

And then besides education stuff, we, humans, are manipulated by numbers when we're judged based on our economic wealth. Wealthier people get more privileges than less wealthy ones just because they can pay the amount of cash required. Again cash = numbers.

O and now in school, I'm the oldest among the student And so I get kind of sensitive when people ask me about my age...Again, age= numbers..(Maybe that's why I don't have a prom

So yea...I guess humans are conquered by numbers after all...Now is and in the future will...

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